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At KatMula Wellness in Topsfield, yoga is not just yoga"

Through her Topsfield studio, KatMula Wellness and Yoga, Kathryn Larson promotes the many benefits of a regular practice.

For Topsfield’s Kathryn Larson, yoga isn’t just yoga. The nurse practitioner and mother of three young children, loves teaching yoga while also promoting its many benefits, including relaxing and calming the body.

“I believe that to achieve overall optimal health goals, we have to learn to find our own personal mind/body balance,” Larson said.

Larson is the owner of KatMula Wellness, 30 Main St., Topsfield, located within The Studio, in the Topsfield Village Shopping Plaza and right next to the International Martial Arts Academy.

“We can’t push ourselves constantly, ignore our health, and then use bandaids and medication to self correct,” Larson said. “We [as a society] need to practice more preventative care, more wellness-based practices that prevent common problems before they happen, such as high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, depression, migraines, stress, back pain, arthritis and sports injuries.”

Larson’s studio serves a varied clientele, with classes ranging from post natal, to yoga with aromatherapy, to a morning class for families with young children. Reiki, mindfulness and wellness are incorporated into her programs. Larson also offers private yoga/reiki sessions tailored to specific health care needs, birthday parties, and networking events.

She also holds many different pop-up events every month, including various kids events and Tween Yoga Club events. With Rosie Realtor of Topsfield, she hosts “The Future is Female” monthly speaker series on leadership and networking for women.

Stressing that her classes are not just yoga, Larson provides a community space that offers many different options for learning and practicing wellness- and mindfulness-based practices. She welcomes not only pre- and post-natal moms, but also adults, teens, tweens and children, to come together in a space that is comfortable and not intimidating.

“I am a board certified nurse practitioner, specializing in high risk obstetrics, and a certified hatha yoga and prenatal yoga instructor,” said Larson. “I have many years of experience in medicine, as well as practicing, and now teaching, yoga.”

“Wellness is a practice. Why shouldn’t we practice together,” she said.

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