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Summer, 2021- the "New Norm"

Happy Summer, KatMula crew!!

As we approach the new moon in Cancer this month (on July 10th), you are probably feeling like you need to restore some order and structure in your life.

June was nothing short of a confusing and chaotic month (as far as the moon phases are concerned!)

Post quarantine life might feel a bit like this, also.

This whole past year threw all of us into energetic shifts that we weren't necessarily prepared for.

But here is the thing- change is necessary.

Growth is necessary.

We need to learn how to work through the chaos.

Think about it- have there ever been productive changes in your life that weren't preceded by some sort of chaos? We need to feel confused, overwhelmed, and disrupted- in order to change, to grow, and to evolve. When you hear people refer to a "shift," that is exactly what this is.

This is your time to shift.

To refocus.

To create your "new norm."

So, as you find your "new norm" this summer, try to really evaluate what changes in your life are both achievable and necessary. This doesn't have to be anything drastic- it can be as simple as correcting one bad habit, and replacing it with something that will benefit you.

Maybe it's something as simple as less caffeine and more water (one of mine).

Or maybe you, (like me), needed your whole entire life to be uprooted during this past year in order to really figure out what changes were necessary.

To be honest, I can't say that I would have made some of these changes without being forced.

Retrospectively, they were necessary.

Most of you know, our physical studio space closed in 2020.

At the same time, I took a pause from my role as a Nurse Practitioner.

My three children were fully remote schooling during the entire academic year.

My youngest learned how to read and write remotely. Talk about challenging.

As challenging as this year was for me, I do recognize that it was that much more difficult to be a kid this past year. Life, as they knew it, stopped.

And, in addition, the quarantine forced those of us who thrive on socialization to restructure our lives and to learn how to live without it. Mental health, as a result, has become even more of a crisis than it already was- and mindfulness and self care have never been more important than right now.

Part of this evolution, for me, has been learning how to move forward with KatMula.

With the new mandates, we hope to be in a physical space again very soon.

There is nothing like the energy that is felt within a sacred space.

Try as I might, even with the most carefully crafted playlists, I cannot recreate that energy virtually.

In the meantime, I hope to continue to share some of the tools that have helped me this year in whatever capacity I can. I, like so many, had to figure out how to crawl out of a very dark place over the last year.

Therapy, yoga, meditation, reiki- and yes, the moon phases- have all played roles in this evolution of mine.

I am learning, slowly, how to better interpret the energy around me, and how I respond to it.

I am studying the moon phases, and learning ways to incorporate these phases into how and what I teach.

I have found a new role that allows me to spend the time I need, both with my patients and my family, and not at the expense of either. For that lesson, I am truly grateful.

Finding and maintaining that balance has been particularly challenging for me, even before the pandemic.

Quarantine was a forced stop- it was a time to sit with our discomfort, and learn from it.

It was a time to really refocus on what matters.

Most importantly, for the first time in a very long time, I feel like I am truly present wherever I am.

My mind is not racing today just to get ahead of tomorrow.

Instead, I live for today, and for this moment.

Because right now is all there really is.

I am grateful for this community, in that even without a physical space, we are still here.

I am so appreciative of all of you who have faithfully followed along with our virtual classes, and for being so understanding of my need for time and space to embrace this "new norm" of mine.

The concept of KatMula and the community we have created will continue to be here, whether that is virtually or in person, no matter what the circumstances.

That much we have learned together.

So, as always, I am sending so much love and light to all of you.

Embrace this month- and think about your affirmation for this new moon in Cancer on July 10th.

If it resonates with you, try this:

"My loved ones and I are safe, and for that I am grateful."

Namaste, XoXo, Kat

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