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February 2021- New Moon in Aquarius

The month of Venus is upon us!

It is the month of love and abundance- but oh, so much more.

I'm on a personal journey right now of gaining a better understanding of astrology, and our planetary and lunar energies. Gaining a better understanding of our planetary alignment and patterns of the moon phases will ultimately improve the ability to understand the energy around us, which is constantly shifting and changing. Ancient practices have proven that, ultimately, you can lean into the universe, and work with the energy around you, instead of inadvertently working against it.

I will update this blog monthly, and I hope to share some of what I learn with all of you.

The New Moon in Aquarius will be on February 11, 2021.

The "New Moon" is all about starting over- new beginnings- it marks the start of a new lunar cycle.

This is when the sun and the moon are on the same degree of the zodiac at exactly the same time- so you can use that to your advantage in goal setting and affirmations.

It's the time to work with the universe; use the energy to your advantage.

Venus is super active this month, moving into Aquarius and then also connecting with Saturn.

Venus is all about love and abundance.

Saturn is super serious, and all about strategies and business.

It's an interesting blend of energy, for sure.

Think about that as you set your intentions and affirmations.

Love, abundance, structure, and organization.

On February 17, Saturn and Uranus clash.

This represents a clash between these energies- "structure" and "freedom."

So this is a time when you might notice that there is some kind of radical change or disruption to your "status quo." You might even feel resistant to it- but try to work with it.

Try not to resist whatever you are feeling, but rather use it as a lesson.

Sit with it, learn from it.

Maybe use this time to restructure something that hasn't been working for you.

Mercury is in retrograde this month through February 21. (This happens three times a year).

When Mercury is in retrograde, it is common to notice you feel more confused, inefficient, even frustrated. Some people describe the energy as "chaotic."

But this is also a great time to reflect on past experiences, and figure out how you can move forward in a more productive and efficient direction.

Don't be too hard on yourself- embrace the confusion.

We learn from confusion. Confusion and chaos ultimately brings change.

Ultimately, we will work through these feelings, and find a sense of clarity.

*Of note, the New Moon this month also falls on the Chinese New Year (the year of the Metal Ox).

Oh, and do some yoga. You'll feel better afterward. ;)

Sending much love and light your way,



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